Top 5 Hottest Celebrities

Based on a survey that was handed out to 11 average teenagers, I was able to find out who the hottest celebrities by majority. The survey gave 10 blank spaces to be filled out with the survey takers personal opinion on what celebrities they found most attractive. There was no list of options or suggestions, so the options were limitless. This is the data:

5.  Zendayazendaya(

Zendaya may not have made it to the top but she got 3/110 mentions.

4. Ryan Reynoldsryan reynolds.jpg(

Ryan here tied with Zendaya but he is a personal favorite of mine so I gave Zendaya 5th place and Ryan 4th. Just take a minute to look at this beautiful man. Just take it…

3. Shakirashakira.jpg(

Shakira got 4/110 mentions, along with Rihanna, but because more people know who Rihanna is, she got bumped to 2nd. But, let’s be honest Shakira is also very attractive

2. Rihannarihanna.jpg(

Rihanna, someone who is well known for her body and music, has made it to 2nd hottest celebrity.



Beyonce! One of the most influential women of the 21st century. It’s Beyonce, nuff said.


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