Injured and Scared


4 days ago, Sunday, April 14th, I caused a stress fracture on my second metatarsal. Sure a fracture that isn’t complete doesn’t sound so bad, but you will never think that again once you experience it.

For those of you whom do not know what a stress fracture is, it is a crack in a bone that is caused by many things (faulty mechanics, too much weight being beared, etc.) over time. Everything you read about stress fractures is true, but they don’t tell you how painful it can get, physically and emotionally.

The day after my doctor told my family I had a stress fracture, my grandmother went nuts. She bought me a walker for around my house, a scooter for school and travelling, and crutches.

First of all, I should inform you what was going on. I don’t know exactly when my stress fracture occured, but it became painful to walk after a game of basketball with my brother. I was able to walk for the rest of that day, but I didn’t get away without a limp.

The next 3 days were spent with me not walking at all. I was in so much pain I couldn’t put any weight on my foot. Skipping school for 3 days is not a good idea. I just got back, and I have 4 tests to make up and mountains of homework. Not fun at all.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday, April 12th, and was sent to get x-rays of my foot. I got a call the next day telling me all signs led to a stress fracture. It was a busy day. Today I missed testing in the morning to go to the hospital for an appointment with an orthopedist. She poked and prodded but ultimately told me that I have a stress fracture and I need a boot.

For everyone who has worn a boot, I now get your pain. The thing seems to weigh 10 lbs. and is as dull as the dust covering your shelves. The doctor told me to only walk on my foot if pain free, meaning I was stuck with the scooter.

Of course, I still walked through the pain because the thought of using my scooter in public was terrifying. A teacher at my school had a smaller scooter and she broke her hip, so why did I have to  have the heavy duty one?

Anyways, I am now sitting here typing this post wondering how horrifying it will be to roll outside to my grandmother’s car. My injury is surely going to have me left at the bottom of the food chain.





















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