Pug Tail or Cinnamon Bun

Lately, there has been an overwhelming amount of collages that show 2 things being compared. A lot of people have been reposting these hilarious images and are anticipating more material.

Personally, I say that these have fluctuated due to a popularity of gullible people. If anyone of you reading this have been on almost any form of social media, you know of the crazy things people can come up with. Just like memes, these collages have become so popular so fast yet at the same time they have launched themselves into the recycle bin. I am constantly finding myself scrolling over my updates on Twitter and Facebook and seeing the same image that other posted weeks ago. The whole sensation has become a burden for me. Sure, it was very enjoyable in the beginning, but isn’t there a certain point where these older images should stop being posted? Overall the whole concept of these pictures is great and fun, but they should only be reposted if it is new content.


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