Top 5 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

Binge watching. We all do it every now and then, but can we handle watching a show that makes you think, “Why did I ever decide to watch this and waste away my life?” I can tell you, personally, that life should be spent with a great show and the best food in front of you during that show. This list is best for the people out there who are willing to spend time on the best shows out there.

5-Blue Mountain State


This show is not for the innocent eyes. I could personally consider it to be one of the funniest shows I have ever watched, but it is also one of the dirtiest. You have been warned.

4-Making A Murderer


I scrolled past this show for weeks, thinking it was just another boring documentary. It might be a tad monotone but it is thrilling. One thing to worry about is the anger that may ignite in you due to the content of this show. This show has had many bad reviews but it was a really big fad within a few weeks after being up on Netflix. I binge watched this within a week. Keep in mind that I have school everyday.

3-Gilmore Girls


When I had first gotten my Netflix account I found this show in my list of all time favorite shows. Lauren Graham is my spirit animal, so of course it was going to be one of the best shows ever. If you are looking for a family show, whether to watch because you are missing your family, or you are watching it with your family, it is perfect for you.

2-How I Met Your Mother


I am still watching this show currently, but it isn’t my first run at it. Before the show ended, I watched it actively every week with my mother. And just let my say something, it was legend…wait for it…ary. You’ll get it sooner or later.



Just, please, watch this show. It is the Marilyn Monroe of tv shows. It is at the top of my list for all time favorites. I can’t even explain my love for it. Parenthood is known for its dramatic yet loving scenes, and trust me there are plenty of both. If you are looking for a show that sucks you up and holds onto you, even after you finished watching it, this show is the one for you.




Pug Tail or Cinnamon Bun

Lately, there has been an overwhelming amount of collages that show 2 things being compared. A lot of people have been reposting these hilarious images and are anticipating more material.

Personally, I say that these have fluctuated due to a popularity of gullible people. If anyone of you reading this have been on almost any form of social media, you know of the crazy things people can come up with. Just like memes, these collages have become so popular so fast yet at the same time they have launched themselves into the recycle bin. I am constantly finding myself scrolling over my updates on Twitter and Facebook and seeing the same image that other posted weeks ago. The whole sensation has become a burden for me. Sure, it was very enjoyable in the beginning, but isn’t there a certain point where these older images should stop being posted? Overall the whole concept of these pictures is great and fun, but they should only be reposted if it is new content.


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How Do Parents and Children Agree Without An Argument

  1. harmony or accordance in opinion or feeling; a position or result of agreeing.

If a kid wants or needs something, parents should at least consider the possibility, and vise versa. It is not okay for a parent or child to say no just because they can. Many parents and children would disagree with this, but they have become lovestruck with their power. The only other part of a parent /child relationship is for both the parent and the child to work with each other on making decisions.

At times families fight, but, hopefully, most of the time they love and respect each other. A great example of a parent not considering a child’s thought is when a child wants a dog. Sure, some families go through rough times, but the amount of times they happen will multiply if a child or parent is deprived of consideration (like getting a dog).

Children develop a certain want for things they have find interest in. “Dogs are great companions and they are there for people when no one else is,” a child might say. For some reason a parent would still say no. Or maybe a parent wants to got take a nap (all parents do once and awhile) and their child keeps annoying them to go to the zoo. Maybe the parent should think about it. If they take their kid to the zoo for an hour or two, they could take the nap they want, while if they just told the child no, they wouldn’t get their nap. Both of the family members are being deprived at that point.

Parents have always had their ideals. Sure, maybe they’re right at times, but it isn’t okay for them to use their power to feel like they’re in charge. It isn’t right for children to do so either. The one thing parents and children don’t realize is that they make decisions based solely on their own opinion. The choice is completely biased.

A takeaway thought about parents and children is that both should try to meet each other halfway. The parent should not be the only one making decisions, and neither should their child. A choice should be made with the thought of others and not only individually and if someone makes a biased decision, they should be given someone else’s opinion.